About Us

A Coastal Culinary Escape in the Gaslamp

In San Diego’s Gaslamp, you find The Waves Taco Club, our lively and imaginative eatery that embodies the free-spirited essence of the Gaslamp Quarter. With its beach-inspired ambiance, the restaurant radiates a laid-back vibe, creating a welcoming space for you, the taco aficionado. We love serving our community and are always ready to help you cater your next event.

Tacos for Every Taste Bud

At The Waves Taco Club, you’ll discover a menu that fuses creative flavors, providing you with a variety of unique tacos that are sure to surprise and delight. We take pride in sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients to guarantee you a distinctive and enjoyable dining experience. As the Gaslamp’s best tacos shop, we invite you to join us in downtown San Diego to try them for yourself.

Behind the Name: The Waves Taco Club

At The Waves Taco Club, we’re not just serving tacos; we’re weaving the story of a life that mirrors the undulating rhythm of the ocean waves. Just as the waves carve their path along the shore, our journey shapes the culinary experience we offer in the Gaslamp San Diego. Each taco is a flavor-filled chapter, a reflection of the highs and lows, the constant movement, and the vibrant energy that defines my existence. Join us on this gastronomic voyage at The Waves Taco Club.